Emily Paulin

Emily Paulin is a lifelong Annapolitan and has been with Silver Swan Bayside since November 2017.  Her background in the hospitality industry began at the age of 15  as a bus person in an Annapolis chain restaurant.  She has done EVERY job in a restaurant and spent a few years in the hotel industry as she finished her Bachelors Degree in College Park.  After College she spent some more time in hotels before coming into the event sales industry.   “This is a hand’s on job.  I would never ask anyone to do something that I myself wouldn’t do.  Executing an event is a team effort and we all are working towards the same goal, to ensure the client and all of their guests feel at home and are making memories that will last a lifetime.”

Emily started at Silver Swan as a sales coordinator and has worked her way up to catering sales manager, and then was promoted to Director of Catering Sales.  Due to the growth that Silver Swan is hoping to achieve in the next year, Bradley was brought in to help share that workload.  She will now be focused on marketing and operations, and will also remain active on the sales team.  She currently resides in Annapolis with her family.